JoJo Ntiforo IFBB Pro


Coach JoJo has been in the fitness industry since 1993. He started our personal training at Gold's Gym in Albuquerque, NM. He competed in his first NPC Bodybuilding show in 1999 where he won his class and took the overall! He then went on to win his pro card at the 2002 NPC Nationals where he won first place out of an incredibly talented class of 40 Heavyweight bodybuilders.  He was ranked top 16 worldwide in 2014 when he qualified for the 50th Anniversary of Mr. Olympia.  Jojo and his team of coaches have been instrumental in helping turn 6 athletes into IFBB pros as well as building NM top contest prep bodybuilding team!

Coach T


Tyrone Phillips has worked under coach JoJo now for over 3 years and has helped several athletes and clients reach their personal fitness goals as well as competing on stage.  Coach T is based our of Midland, Tx where he does all his client updates online and runs our online weight loss programs.  Coach T has been training and coaching for over 15 years and has also competed on the national NPC stage.  

Cory Ott IFBB Pro


We are very lucky to have Albuquerque own IFBB Bikini Pro as our team posing coach! Coach Cory works with our bikini competitors and helps them with their individual routines and stage poses.  She also offers valuable input and advice with all aspects of competing and stage appearance.  Contact us now to set up your private one on one posing session with Albuquerque's only IFBB bikini pro!