Contest Prep

Our Coaches have created a specific protocol for contest prep which involves a week by week program designed for each individual competitor. Athletes meet either in person or via email/phone check-in with weekly diet, supplement, and workout updates. Included in the contest prep programs are 9 site body fat analysis, progress pictures, and individual/team posing sessions. Our coaches also help each athlete choose the competition as well as offer suit, hair/makeup and jewelry suggestions. No matter what level of competitor, you will be 100% ready to compete on stage!


Weight Management

Our coaches offer weight management plans that are catered to each individual. The coaches will design a custom meal plan that fits your work, school, and busy schedules to ensure a successful lifestyle change. Clients meet with their coach bi-weekly where progress pictures, body fat analysis and updates will be completed


Personal Training

Please send us an email we would be happy to help you with your personal training needs!

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